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Paola Tomlin

I love exercising! For me, the creativity, physicality, and camaraderie of sharing dance  & fitness with others are pure joy. 
I was born in Peru and came to this country at age 12, but long before that I can remember, I loved creating dances to perform for and with family and friends.  While in college, I had the opportunity to perform different dance rhythms at College of Marin and ODC.  I graduated from Golden Gate University with a degree in Finance and worked in that field for eight years, but the discovery of Zumba lured me back to my passion for dance & fitness.  After getting certified in Zumba B1, B2, Ciruit and Sentao, I proceed with my personal training certification from AAFA, TRX Certification, and Piloxing.  I recently got a new certification to teach Strong by Zumba, and I am working on my Piyo and Insanity certification.  Forever a student, I am expanding my training, with master dance instructors and performers Fujiko Sakata (Salsa, Foxtrot and Tango), Rasa Vitalia (Belly Dance) among others in the Bay Area. 
Now as a wife and a Mother of two sons, Christopher and Joseph, I find that teaching fitness and dance fits well into my life and provides a welcome creative outlet to share with other adults of all ages. The positive changes I've witnessed in the lives of my students is enough incentive to keep me dancing for as long as my legs keep me upright.   

Jannely Calmell

Dance. Act. Eat. Jannely lives for the arts, and she loves food! She was bitten by the dance bug at a young age, but she was always shy to dance at family gatherings. It took her a while to warm up to the crowd. As she entered Junior High, she began dancing with her mom in the living
room almost every day to either Fulanito, or Ashely Tisdale's CD, great times! When she was in 7th grade, her sister Paola, started taking Zumba classes, so Jannely and her mom jumped on that bandwagon and soon enough it became our trio routine!
As Jannely started Drake High School she decided to take a break from Zumba, to focus on school and to be a part of Drake's Dance Troupe. This is the same hip-hop team that her sister started when she was in high school. She did that all four years and became captain the last two. By the time she was a senior,
her sister got pregnant with her second son. By then she was already a Zumba instructor, and she came to me and asked if I could get my certification and learn her routines and sub her classes until she got back. Little did Jannely know where it would get her! 
Jannely has now been a Zumba instructor for three years and she is loving every minute of it! To be able to express herself and open that door for others to express themselves, whether it's by hoot and hollering, working those facial expressions, smiling, anything, it is the best feeling in the world. Not only is it a great workout but dancing is her outlet, and she hopes it will be yours too! 

Celine Upcher

Born and raised in the south of France, I started dance at the age of 3
with ballet which I continued with for 20 years, along with jazz, and
contemporary modern.   When I moved to the states in my teens I also
added African Haitian to my skills.  I then discovered my love for
international ballroom dance and learned Salsa, Rhumba, Cha Cha Cha,
Merengue, Samba, and Jive.  I started teaching Salsa classes at Dance
Arts studios for 6 years and decided my dance journey was only
beginning.  I then came across Zumba a few years later and realized it
was the perfect combination of Latin Rhythms that I love and know so
well as well as the perfect cardio workout! I have been teaching Zumba
for over 8 years now and love the joy and results it brings to my
students!  I have never skipped a day of dance in my life is dancing
in the car, at home, at the studio or at a club, and am planning to
never do! :). I am looking forward to sharing my love for music, dance, and
movement with everyone here at Energy Fitness Studio.

Tashi Cowan

Tashi loves to dance! She has been dancing since she was four years old, listening to Janet Jackson's IF album in her mom's living room. She was born and raised in Marin County, raised by her single mother Katharine. She has received lessons in Samba, Afro-Haitian, Salsa, Modern, Ballet and much more! She has also had musical theatre training performing with the Stapleton Theatre Company's rendition of "Fame" where she received the Rookie Award and has performed in two College of Marin dance productions. Before she transferred to San Francisco State University, she was awarded the Saragay Stetson Dance Scholarship by the College of Marin Foundation a very competitive award. She recently returned from studying abroad in London at Kingston University, where she was a member of the Latin Dance team, the Kingston Cougars. She is also double minoring in Political Science and Marketing. She is constantly learning and growing as a dancer and a person and she believes that do something you love is a blessing.

Fujiko Shepherd

Fujiko is a native of Japan. Her interest in dance began at a very early age with the study of classical Japanese dance, performing before large audiences in Japan. After high school, Fujiko competed in ballroom dance competitions throughout Japan and traveled to the United States to study abroad. 

Fujiko began teaching ballroom dance while in college and has continued to teach both in Japan and in the United States. Over the past few years, Fujiko has expanded her training to include Latin and club dancing.  Fujiko specializes in helping couples choreograph wedding dances and prepare for that special day. 

In the Bay Area, Fujiko has taught at Dance Arts, Bay West, high schools, and community centers throughout the region.  Now at Energy Dance & Fitness, Fujiko offers group classes as well as private lessons.

Jacqueline Tribolet

Some might say that I found Zumba late in life.  I was over 60 and a grandmother.  Having never been a dancer nor an athlete, I surprised myself by taking to it so completely.  A few years ago I became a certified Zumba instructor and that allowed me to donate classes and participate in Zumbathons for charitable causes.  Aside from that I gave classes at my church called Nearly Zumba for Seniors, where chairs were available for those who needed to do a sitting workout. Zumba has also taken me to exotic places where my week-long vacation was paid for by teaching classes to resort guests.
I am excited to join the Energy Dance and Fitness team.  (Paola was my very first Zumba instructor.)  My vision for this Zumba class is to provide a good workout focusing on beginners and those with injuries, guiding them through strategies utilizing lower impact and limited-twisting moves.
So, come and grow with me, but come prepared to sweat!